Overload of usernames & passwords

Good security suggests that each password you use should not only conform to the websites password policy but also be unique which requires us to keep track of all these accounts. We need a solution that does away with lists of  easily forgotten usernames & passwords.

We can no longer trust websites to keep a secret

We hear all too often that websites are being compromised and user credentials being stolen. We need a solution that does not require websites to keep a secret.

SQRL (Secure Quick Reliable Login)

An easy-to-use, high security replacement for usernames and passwords.

A single SQRL ID

No long laundry list of usernames and passwords to remember, you have a single master SQRL ID to manage your authentication for SQRL enabled websites.

No shared secrets

Unlike usernames & passwords if a website was compromised there is no way to get any useful information that could compromise your SQRL ID.

Secure from the ground up

SQRL has been designed to ensure a high level of security using solid encryption and secure design to protect your identity at every step.

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